Montrose Mirror 2022:

January 24,2022
Mirror Issue 465

-Shelter Distilling Plans Unveiled at MURA Meeting

-Mimo's Granted Liquor License for Expansion to Second Location on North Townsend

-Regional News Briefs  . . .

January 17,2022
Mirror Issue 464

-Senior Citizens Ask MPD for Help With Crime

-Non-residents at San Juan Apts

-RE1J Board of Education Updates Committee Assignments . . .

January 10, 2022
Mirror Issue 463

-BOCC Proclaims Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

-City Contracts for North Connect Trail Restroom

-Regional News Briefs, and more . . .

January 5, 2022
Mirror Issue 462

-The News on Housing Shortages

-How You Can Help the Lighthouse Shelter and Shepherd's Hand

-Little Free Libraries in Montrose

-"Tintypes" comes to Magic Circle Stage. . .

January 17,2022
Mirror Issue 464

-Senior Citizens Ask MPD for Help With Crime

-Non-residents at San Juan Apts

-RE1J Board of Education Updates Committee Assignments . . .

Montrose Mirror 2021:

December 27, 2021
Mirror Issue 461

-Montrose Postmaster Advises Checking Your Mailbox Daily to Avoid Package Theft

-Ring in the New Year with Montrose Flair

-Like Rest of U.S. Montrose Sees Ongoing Shortage of Rental Cars

December 20,2021
Mirror Issue 460

-Montrose County Hear Annual Public Safety Sales Tax Report

-RE1J Board of Education Hears CDE Mill Levy Correction Presentation . . .

December 13,2021
Mirror Issue 459

-City of Montrose Takes Corrective Action After Audit Findings

-Council Looks at Supportive Housing Definition

-County Adopts 2022 Budget Featuring Airport Terminal Expansion . . .

December 6, 2021
Mirror Issue 458

-Solar Installation Along Hwy 50 Nears Completion

-DMEA Sidesteps Ransomware Question From Co-Op Member

-Fishering Named President as Re1J Board of Education Announces Board Election Results, Names New Officers

November 29,2021
Mirror Issue 457

-City of Montrose Attorney Stephen Alcorn Exits After Mid-Cycle Review

-Self-Advocacy, Research, Skepticism Advisable When It Comes to Adult Guardians or Conservatorships . . .

November 22,2021
Mirror Issue 456

-City Approves Stryker Land Swap, Hub at Montrose Crossing

-'We Want to Meet Every Need' Montrose County Devotes Resources to Fight Against COVID

-Montrose County Civic Awards Presented . . .

November 15, 2021
Mirror Issue 455

-DMEA and Elevate Experience Network Issues

-RE1J Board of Education Asks District to Pause Plan to Terminate Non-Compliant Staff

-Health & Wellness with Tracie Bearden . . .

November 8,2021
Mirror Issue 454

-Work Session Recording Captures Off-Record Ski Pass Request, Councilor Reed Recuses from Discussion of Stryker Land Exchange

-Thank You to All Veterans

-Johnson Elementary School Sees Turnover at the Top

November 1,2021
Mirror Issue 453

-City Acquires Former Bullock Power Plant, Looks at Grant Application

-DMEA Brings More Transparency to the Table

-Plan to Attend the West Slope Water Summit, November 16 . . .

October 25, 2021
Mirror Issue 452

-Hospital Rebrands as Montrose Health

-Bell, Bynum Push Back as MURA Board Tries to Hit Brakes on Spending

-Regional News Briefs . . .

October 18,2021
Mirror Issue 451

-RE1J Moves Forward with Mascot Replacement; Notes Lack of State Funding Despite Mandate

-County Manager Presents Recommended Budget for 2022

-Proposition 120 Ballot Language Confusing, Assessor Warns . . .

October 11,2021
Mirror Issue 450

-With Out-Of-Pocket Expenses to Date of $11,526,966, MURA Board Approves $1.1M Promissory Note with City

-Bocc Honors 4H Program, Approves Sub-grantee Agreement with MADA

-Regional News Briefs . . .