Tristan Janus of Cedaredge, 15, hopes to become a fly fishing guide someday. Above, Tristan paddles a kayak. Courtesy photo.

Tristan Janus of Cedaredge, 15, hopes to become a fly fishing guide someday. Above,Tristan paddles a kayak. Courtesy photo.

By Caitlin Switzer

CEDAREDGE—(August 20, 2013)  Like many teens, Tristan Janus is spending his summer by the water. In the case of this Cedaredge High School student, however, the water in question consists of rivers and hatchery raceways rather than the local pool. Thanks to friend and neighbor Andy Meehan, owner of Solitude Outdoors Flyfishing shop in Cedaredge and host of the Inhale Outdoors radio on Saturdays (KUBC-580 AM, Noon to 1 p.m.), Janus has been exploring the world he hopes to eventually enter as a professional guide.

“Last week we went fly fishing in South Park with a world-renowned fly fishing guide,” Meehan said. “This week, Tristan has been working at the Hotchkiss Fish Hatchery. And I had him listen in while I interviewed an aquatic biologist, so he could learn.”

The experience has been a good one, Janus said.

“I liked checking on the fish at the hatchery, sampling them and taking them from the inside raceways to the outside,” he said. “Most are Rainbow trout, though inside they have some smaller cutthroat.”

The fishing industry is appealing, because “everyone you meet is nice,” Janus said. “It’s a good hobby.”

And one that could eventually become something more–though Tristan is still in the ninth grade, he has set his sights on a life in the sporting industry.

“I think I am going to be a fly fishing guide,” he said. “I am thinking about Alaska.”

Getting people to live their passion for the outdoors, and sharing information about different outdoor activities is what drives Meehan, who first opened his shop in 2007.

“I am not trying to get people into sports, but to disseminate fun, interesting information,” Meehan said. “For example, this week I talked to the guys who started the Black Canyon Hunt & Outdoor Expo. We talked about three topics.

“One of my advertisers, Jim Carroll, teaches a Concealed Carry class,” Meehan continued. “He will be teaching a home invasion class as well–a fascinating, amazing class–so people can learn the skills they need and practice them on a weekly basis. We are also going to be offering two other schools—a fundamental pistol shooting school, to give people the skills to carry, taught by Monte McDermith and Roy Spiker at Black Canyon Wing and Clay. The other will be a two-day, two-night survival school, based on the premise that if you are stranded, you will be able to survive.”

After 71 episodes of his radio show, Meehan appreciates the help of longtime radio personality Jim Kerschner, who has served as HIS mentor. And he has not lost his own passion for learning about the passions of others.

“I try to cover varied outdoor recreation–a little of everything, from rock climbing and biking to fishing and boating,” Meehan said. “The majority of my listeners have a passion for only one.

“My mom calls me after every show,” he added, “and she always says the same thing; I wish you would have more people on, and talk about a variety of different subjects.”

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