Above, ElderAdo Financial Vice President Adam Miller, standing, and company founder Jim Elder. The company also includes partner Janet Elder and staffer Gina Grundemann. Courtesy photo.

Above, ElderAdo Financial Vice President Adam Miller, standing, and company founder Jim Elder. The company also includes
partner Janet Elder and staffer Gina Grundemann. Courtesy photo.

By Liesl Greathouse

MONTROSE-(August 5, 2014)  For people looking to better manage their finances with a financial team that truly cares, ElderAdo Financial is the place to go.

ElderAdo Financial, Inc. is a wealth management and financial planning firm. As a trusted fiduciary and fee-only financial planning firm, they work passionately to help families manage and preserve their assets.  “We walk alongside families to help them make wise decisions with their money,” said Adam Miller, vice president of ElderAdo Financial.  “We help people with managing their assets and look to help them be good stewards of their money across the board.  We also help with planning for charitable giving.”

Recently ElderAdo was honored with recognition once again by Financial Advisor magazine and selected for the “2014 RIA Ranking.”  Financial Advisor magazine recognizes both success and company growth when choosing registered investment advisors in their annual RIA Ranking. ElderAdo Financial has been selected for the third year and is the only RIA firm on the Western Slope of Colorado earning this designation.

Miller believes that the award is an external recognition of what’s already been going on for quite some time.  “The award will not have a huge impact on how we do things; it is the result of our impact already,” he explained.  “It was due to our great clients, the people who came to us.  It is a blessing to be part of the community because the community supports us.”

Beyond just helping clients, Miller and the team at ElderAdo love giving back.  Some of the various organizations that members of ElderAdo are part of include DMEA, stewardship boards at various churches, Young Life, Rotary Club, and Shoes for Kids.  “It has been fun being part of the community and embracing it,” Miller said.  “If something tugs at our hearts, we get involved.”

While ElderAdo works well with other financial planners, part of what makes the firm unique is the ‘fee-only difference’; they work strictly on a fee-only basis and are never paid commissions or kickbacks from sales or recommendations.  “We do not sell products, we just focus on advice,” Miller explained.  “We are legally obligated to do what is in the best interest for our clients.

“That sets us apart.”

ElderAdo also works best in collaboration with the community, whether it be with a client’s attorney or accountant.  “We do not have all the answers, but we know where to get them,” Miller said.  “It is fun to be the go-to person for financial advice.  But it can be challenging to be a center of influence for clients regarding certain things, so we love collaborating.  The best part of the business is knowing which seat we are in, and knowing where others are seated well for our clients.”

The main goal of the ElderAdo team is to serve their clients really well.  “A lot of businesses have a single bottom line: money,” Miller said.  “At ElderAdo, we want to have multiple bottom lines, with ‘making money’ not our top priority.  We want to see the community supported because people care.  We like to see a positive change and we like to foster that in our clients.”

One of the well-known features of the ElderAdo office is the sign out front, which features a new funny saying every week.  It comes from when Jim Elder, ElderAdo founder, used to work in Denver and passed a dry cleaner that had a funny saying sign out front.  Elder decided that if he ever had his own office that he would have a sign just like that.  “He has been diligent ever since he moved here to change the sign every week,” Miller said.  “He is always looking for new ideas for it.  I like to joke that he has one eye on the business and his other eye on sign ideas.”

Ideas for the sign are always welcome.  People can email their ideas to info@ElderAdoFinancial.com.

Miller’s favorite part of what he does is watching clients make wise decisions.  “I love seeing people giving back, and our business is focusing more and more on charitable giving,” he explained.  “I love to see people enjoying the old saying, ‘it is better to give than to receive’, to be able to see the joy of giving in our clients.  My job is bigger than just that, but that is my favorite part.”

For more information, call toll free 877-422-4770, call local 249-9900, or visit ElderAdo Financial at 1100 S. Townsend Ave. in Montrose.