The First Annual Horse Owners Workshop will take place Feb. 8 at 38 West Main Street. Courtesy image.

The First Annual Horse Owners Workshop will take place Feb. 8 at 38 West Main Street. Courtesy image.

By: Liesl Greathouse.


MONTROSE—(February 4, 2014)  For local horse owners looking for more resources, the Producer’s Co-op in Montrose has the solution.  Come join them for the First Annual Horse Owner’s Workshop, sponsored by Purina, on Feb. 8, 8 a.m.-Noon. at 38 West Main Street in Montrose.


Originally a broker for farmers in the 1920s, the Producer’s Co-op has grown to provide products and services for farmers, pet owners, home gardeners, and everybody in between.  The Co-op offers seeds, fertilizers, bulk fuel, any type of tire repairs, panels and gates, livestock equipment, pet food, pellets, and more.


Many people may be the under the impression that they have to be a member to shop at the Co-op, which is not true.  Anyone can come and shop for what they need there.  “Anybody who has livestock or pets will spend their money locally, if good products and services are available locally,” Assistant store manager Amanda Flowers explained. “And we have a good selection of both in this area to pick from.”


Speakers will include Purina, the San Juan Vet Clinic, Jason Mercly, and a surprise speaker.  Drawings will be offered, including coupons, gift baskets from the Vet Clinic, and Purina offering a year of horse feed of any kind to one lucky winner.  The Co-op will also have their various horse-related items on display.


The Co-op let the speakers pick the topics, as each is more familiar of what topics are important to local horse owners.  The San Juan Vet Clinic will be speaking on the importance of oral care for horses.  With the current economy, Purina chose to talk about affordable food and nutrition options.   As laminitis founder is a common problem, and people may not know how to treat it or prevent it, Jason Mercly will talk about it.  The speakers will offer different perspectives and will be available for questions.


As the owner of one horse, Flowers has an interesting perspective while helping host the workshop.  “I’m looking forward to seeing what the speakers have to say and the interaction between the speakers and attendees,” she said.


The event will be the first of its kind offered by the Co-op.  Purina started doing these events a few years ago and approached the Co-op about doing one as well.


While the Co-op does a lot for farmers, this year they decided to do a little extra something for all their other customers by offering a special workshop each month.  This month they are focused on the horse owners in the area, who are made up of a few breeders, but are mostly people with 2-3 horses who go on trail rides or camping trips.


Flowers is excited for the workshop.  “I’m looking forward to the first year, to see how it goes and how we can grow it and do something different for horse owners in the future.”


For more information, call 249-5623 or visit the Producer’s Co-op at 38 West Main Street in Montrose.