The Brown Family Band includes Jody, Tia and Levi Brown. Courtesy photo.

The Brown Family Band includes Jody, Tia and Levi Brown. Courtesy photo.

By Liesl Greathouse

MONTROSE—(July 16, 2013)  Although not an official “working” band, The Brown Family Band still serves up a fun show for their audience no matter the venue.

Jody Brown, the dad, will be teaming up with his eldest son Levi Brown and eldest daughter Tia Brown to perform on July 19 at The Bridges, along with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Dave Stamey.  Blue Sky Music presents this summer event and the gates open at 5 p.m.

The family grew up playing music in church, with their roots in gospel music, eventually performing at parties, community events and weddings.  “Music has always been a part of life,” Jody said simply.  Levi is considered the orchestrator for the group as he worked for 10 years as a professional musician, even working in Nashville.

The group used to perform without an official title, until Dave Bowman of Blue Sky Music invited them to sing at the concert at The Bridges.  He had heard them sing before and came up with the name The Brown Family Band so they could at least have an official name for promotional purposes.

Jody and Levi both play bass and guitar, trading off with different songs, while Tia is the main vocalist.  In addition, they will be having a drummer from Grand Junction, Rob Labig, perform with them.

The group’s music is a bit hard to describe as they cross genres a lot.  They play everything from gospel to folk, old time blues to blue grass, and with Levi’s direction they have also delved into pop music, including Michael Jackson songs.  “We like to mix it up,” Jody said.  “We are always looking for new and challenging material.  Our main goal is to try to please all the members of our audience.”

The Brown Family Band mostly does cover songs, although they have penned a couple original songs of their own.

What makes The Brown Family Band different from other local bands is the family dynamics mixing with their blend of harmonies.  However, Jody is the first to say that the valley is full of really good, talented musicians.  “We just like to do what we do to entertain folks,” He said.  “We mostly play for the fun of it.”

Jody loves getting feedback from the audience when the group performs. “There is a special bond between musicians that is different from other bonds,” Jody explained.  “To be able to have that bond with my family, present our music to the public and get positive feedback makes it really satisfying to know people are digging what you do.”

While the family loves to perform together, tough schedules can make it hard to do so.  “But we do the best we can,” Jody said.  “We are always looking for new creative ways to entertain others.”

When it comes to the concert on July 19, Jody said, “We are actually both scared and excited.  We do not normally play for large crowds, so we were honored and surprised to be asked.  We took it as a huge challenge and opportunity because there will be more people to play for, which is a cool thing.”

When it comes to playing music for people, Jody said, “We just do the best we can to please folks and have fun.  Fun is the main ingredient that people just do not have enough of in life.”

Tickets for the concert are $35 and are available at, The Bridges Pro Shop, The Liquor Store, Howard Davidson Farmers Insurance Agency, and the Dolphin House.