Dennis Freed of Computer Tune-Up will fix what is wrong with your computer, or it’s free.

Dennis Freed of Computer Tune-Up will fix what is wrong with your computer, or it’s free.

MONTROSE—(June 17, 2014) Dennis Freed is so sure that he can fix whatever is wrong with your computer, that if he can’t, it’s free. Freed is the owner of Computer Tune-Up, a small business that has gotten off to a quick start since Dennis and his wife Robin returned to Montrose for family reasons earlier this year.

“I have been getting calls every day,” Freed said. “I have been working with computers for 20 years–I just love ‘em. I will work with people until the problem is resolved and they are happy.”

Freed, who has also done web sites for more than 12 years, can often just listen to a computer and learn what is wrong, Robin Freed said.

“He can go to someone’s house, watch what they are doing, give tutorials, show them things, answer questions, and clean up the junk,” she said. “And he speaks a language older clients can understand–he takes the time to explain.”

Dennis is so handy with hardware that his brother, a longtime IBM executive, calls him for assistance as needed, he said. Freed, who works only on PC’s, performs remote repairs for distant clients.

Local clients benefit from Freed’s house call service, complete with a vintage Volkswagen Van.
“The Internet can be a dangerous place,” Freed said. “One click can really mess things up! When I fix a machine, I can also show the client what is going on, why it is happening, and how to fix it.”

Satisfied clients can also refer Freed to a friend for a $10 referral fee, as noted on the back of his business card.

Often, what seems to be an insurmountable problem is something easily fixed, he said. Even those who dislike using the unpopular Windows 8.1 can find relief, with a “shell” program Freed can install to make a computer work like it has Windows 7.

“People have a tendency to think they need a new computer,” Robin said. “But usually, he can fix it-or it’s free! He really can save you money.”

“If you have a problem, call me and I will come over,” he said. “My charges are reasonable; I just want people to be happy.

“So far, only three customers have tried to buy my VW van,” he laughed.

Computer Tune-Up can be reached at 970-596-4510.