The first Annual Black Canyon Hunt & Outdoor Expo on Feb. 23 drew a record-breaking crowd for a one day event at Friendship Hall. Organizers have booked the hall two days in 2014.

MONTROSE—(March 5) Stop by any weekend, and chances are you will find a crowd gathering at Friendship Hall. Even on weekdays the place is hopping, with morning walkers arriving daily as early as 6 a.m. and strolling straight through until the noon hour. If it seems as though this community facility is always in use, that’s because it is—and that’s the whole point, notes Montrose County Fairgrounds Manager Emily Sanchez.


“For the last two years we have made it our goal to book more events, and to work with local promoters and help them to make their shows successful,” Sanchez said, noting that in 2012, Friendship Hall welcomed 17 two-day events.  “We are hoping for 18 this year,” she said. “We also host lots of private parties—we have 13 private events booked for this year.  And we have basketball groups come in—the more people use Friendship Hall, the more people want to use it. It’s a great community venue, and I think everyone feels a sense of pride in ownership.”


Organizers of a record-setting one-day event held for the first time ever on Feb. 23, the Black Canyon Hunt & Outdoor Expo sponsored by Cabela’s, have already booked Friendship Hall for two days in 2014, Sanchez noted.

In addition to the Montrose County Fair, scheduled for July 19-28, upcoming events for 2013 include a brand new business expo on June 1.  “We are really excited about that,” Sanchez said. Improvements made in recent years have made Friendship Hall even friendlier, including major restroom upgrades and wood paneling, as well as a greatly improved sound system. This year’s “to do” list includes updated landscaping, to be completed with the help of jail work crews and county staff (The Fairgrounds are operated by Sanchez and one full time maintenance worker), and an updated facility master plan.


“We will also be putting our marketing plan into effect this year,” Sanchez said. “If you are planning an event, we are available—just come and see us; we are versatile and we will work with you!”


For Montrose County Fairgrounds and Friendship Hall events or information, call 970-964-2180.