Get On The Bus– Riding With All Points Transit

All Points Transit in Montrose, CO

MONTROSE—(May 1) Step onto Al Galbaugh’s bus, and become part of a family. One of the original drivers for the All Points Transit City Bus Service, Galbaugh knows where many of his passengers are going before they even get on.

“We have regulars, lots of pass riders. I’ve gotten to know a lot of people, and they know me,” Galbaugh said. “We have a good rapport–they’re good people.”

A native of Denver, Galbaugh has spent his life on the road, learning to drive early and helping his father in the family trucking business. He eventually became transportation manager for a large trucking firm.

“We had five tractor trailer rigs, and we ran to California and back,” he recalls. “I’ve had lots of experience.”

Tommi Vaughn, who has a monthly bus pass, rides the Blue Route bus to and from work each day.

“Al is the greatest driver in the world!” Vaughn said. “He gets me back and forth every day, and he is a very safe driver. I tell the other people where I work that they should ride the bus too. I was born and raised here, and I think the city bus is the greatest thing in Montrose.”

Mother of three Emily Steel shares that sense of appreciation. Steel rides the bus into town from a rural neighborhood, and calls the service “a lifesaver.”

“We only one have one car,” Steel said, “and two teens! I am texting my daughter right now to let her know it’s a free day on the bus.”

A new resident, Oscar, rides the bus to work and takes his bike along.

“I’m from Phoenix,” he said. “We moved here two months ago, but my wife is from here. Now, she looks up at the mountains, and she tears up. I make fun of her for that, but I do agree. I like riding on the bus, and seeing the fields, and the goats and cows.”

Behind the wheel, Galbaugh keeps up a steady stream of conversation, announcing the stops and making small talk with riders. Despite making seven trips through the congested Spring Creek construction zone every day, his temperament remains sunny.

“They’re getting to know me here,” he laughs, waving at a flagger as he passes by. “We’re on time!”

In addition to its city bus service in Montrose, All Points Transit operates a Dial-A-Ride service for seniors and people with disabilities, provides an Olathe Shuttle Service, and offers regional transportation on a monthly basis. City busses run between 6:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. To learn more about All Points Transit and how you can help, call Sarah Curtis at 970-249-6204 or