LoMo Coffee, Montrose, CO

The Coffee’s On…. in LoMo!

LoMo Coffee, Montrose, CO

The Riddled Raven Coffee House is open in Sampler Square! Photo by Sarah Berndt.

LOWER MONTROSE– (May 15)   There are not very many things, if any, that I like more than coffee, and there is nothing I dislike more than not having coffee when I wake up. I wish I could say that my body fueled itself, energized on its own, but I would be lying. I don’t think it is all about the caffeine, but partly about the comfort of the warm goodness to help you plan out your morning. You know the old saying? Do what you love, well I fu… freaking love coffee.

You know when you have had a few drinks and sometimes crazy ideas come to you? But then you wake up the next morning and you realize that your idea might not be practical, sensible, or even possible. We woke up and didn’t stop… we were going to open a coffee shop. With help from the Downtown Development Authority, Summit West Property Management, family, and friends this long awaited dream has become real-life. We presently own The Riddled Raven but wanted the opportunity to grow a little further, so we are keeping the name and moving 35 1/2 feet to the north. We want to create a place for locals to be in a friendly and comfortable environment, and travelers to find a unique place to add to their visit to Montrose. We also saw the opportunity to be the only coffee shop on the ever-changing West Main.

With the loan from the Downtown Development Authority we were able to renovate, putting in new floors and lighting fixtures among other things. With support from Mike and Derek from Summit West Property Management we qualified for the loan to do all the renovating, with a very low interest rate. Without this we wouldn’t have had this opportunity, so I want to take the time here to thank everyone who was involved.

My wife Sarah had worked with coffee in the past and knows all the fancy lingo; as for me I’m the new guy. Typically if I see a menu at a coffee shop I get confused, order an Americano, put five on it and don’t ask questions when I am surprised at the change I get back. But over the past few weeks I’ve been feeding from the heart of the business, the espresso machine, learning to respect it and its ways. We made sure to stick with a simple drink menu but with enough to satisfy even some of the sticklers out there. Our house blend coffee is a nice mix of organic Sumatra and African beans, tested and approved by some of Montrose’s finest people.

It’s all fun and games until we had to start working on the food menu. We thought about what people liked, and came to the conclusion that we needed to mix it up with some healthy food items evenly balanced with some binge-eating sandwiches. And I had always swore that if I had a place that served food I would treat breakfast with the respect it deserves and have it available all day. There is no time frame for eggs and bacon. On the menu you will find paninis, wraps, breakfast sandwiches, waffles, and yes, even some greens.

Parking is plentiful at the front and back, and we will provide you with free stair exercises. As with any new adventure it will take a few weeks to really get everything dialed in, observe the needs of the Montrose masses and always look for ways to improve the business. As of now we are starting with fewer hours, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. We can only hope for enough business to extend these hours and be open more.

We are at 8 S. Grand, overlooking West Main, open and ready to caffeinate the population, as well as getting the opportunity to meet more locals. Give us a call at 970-275-3265. You can also text in your order to have it ready when you arrive.