Aj Fullerton 900By Liesl Greathouse

MONTROSE—(May 20, 2014)   Nineteen-year old Montrose local Alan (AJ) Fullerton has been busy on the local music scene, with his most recent endeavor being his new album, By The Wayside.

His music falls into the blues, acoustic, folk realm, although Fullerton himself has a hard time describing his music.  “I would say that it is Colorado home grown, acoustic rock,” he explained.  “I can’t really describe how I sound.  It is an out of body experience when making music.  I will ask myself ‘is this even me doing this?’”

Fullerton got his musical start five years ago, when his father encouraged him to pick up the guitar.  His mother then strongly encouraged him to join the choir program, and he enjoyed that for as long as he was in high school.  His parent’s vinyl collection was also an important influence on his music before he grew into his own taste.  His musical inclination eventually led him to release his first album a couple years ago.  Now he has released his second album, recorded locally at Rob Jones’ studio, with all local musicians.  “It has been an exciting process,” he said.  “Most people think that creating an album is just making music, but there is a lot more in it.  It has been a journey, adventure and a learning process.”

Listeners of the album By The Wayside have liked what they have heard.  “It can be hard to be humble and appreciative at the same time,” Fullerton said.  “A DJ I know played my music on the radio and people called in saying how the slower songs touched them.  My music is from the heart, from my personal experiences, and it brings out an emotional response in people.”

At local music shows, people can meet Fullerton and snag a cool t-shirt, along with the album By the Wayside.  In addition to playing solo and with a band while promoting his album, he has been getting out in the music scene, playing with various folks including Good Times Music Company and as part of The Bondsmen.  “I have been playing at different places, getting to know different people, and gathering references,” he said.  “It has been fun learning the music industry.”

In Montrose he will be playing at several upcoming events:  In May, he will be playing at the Horsefly Brewing Company on May 24, 6 p.m.-9 p.m., and at the Camp Robber restaurant on May 31, 6 p.m.-8 p.m.  On June 5 he will be playing at Main In Motion, 6 p.m.-8:30 p.m., and on July 4th he will be part of the Downtown 4th of July Celebration, 1:30 p.m.-4 p.m. at Centennial Plaza.

To get another album out at some point is Fullerton’s next goal.  “I am always writing new material,” he said.  “I have written 60 songs, so now it is just a process of finding the ones that fit well together and getting them ready to be published.”

His favorite part of making music is how it can be so impromptu.  “I love the creative, spontaneous act of creating art, creating something new,” he explained.  “To share what I feel with others using just words can be misconstrued.  But with music it is raw and people get it.”

Fullerton appreciates all the support he has received from the local music community, as well as his mentors in music over the years.  “I could not be here without them,” he said.  “The overflowing support of the community has been incredible, and I am very thankful to my family, friends and fans.”

He also hopes that people will understand that making music is a mutual experience between him and the people listening.  “I want people to know that I get as much joy from playing as hopefully people get from listening,” he said.  “It is a joy to share my music with others.”

For more information and to listen to his album, visit .  By The Wayside is available on Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.