Chocolate…Partnering Brings Sweet Taste of Success!

A+Y Gallery features a Chocolate Stout Gelato made from 2 Rascals’ Brewery’s wonderful chocolate stout. Courtesy photo.

A+Y Gallery features a Chocolate Stout Gelato made from 2 Rascals’ Brewery’s wonderful chocolate stout. Courtesy photo.

By: Liesl Greathouse.


(November 6, 2013)  Tis the season for yummy treats, and of course chocolate is a favorite.  It is also the season of local business cooperation.  Four local businesses have joined together to create unusual, delicious chocolate creations for locals to enjoy, from chocolate stout gelato to lavender infused chocolate squares.


Yesenia Duncan at Downtown Gelato at A+Y and the team at 2 Rascals Brewing Company, Brandon Frey and Daniel Leonardi, work together to create a chocolate stout gelato.


“The stout is a dark, heavy bodied beer, using a lot of roasted coffee beans and chocolate malt, giving it the taste of chocolate and coffee,” Brandon explained.  “It is more of a dessert beer and people like it in the colder weather.”


2 Rascals has nine different beers on tap, including an English Pub Ale, IPA, Wheat Beer, Amber, Porter, and others.  They have had the Chocolate Stout for over a year and it is their third best selling beer.


People who want to enjoy the chocolate stout in a gelato form can head on over to Downtown Gelato at A+Y.  There you can enjoy the chocolate stout along with many other chocolate favorites, including Coyote Chocolate (made with cayenne pepper), Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Peanut Butter Marshmallow Swirl, Chocolate Hazelnut, and even Garlic White Chocolate.


“People really enjoy the pronounced flavors,” Yesenia said.  “We try to challenge their palette with unique flavors.”


Affogatos are also served, which is a scoop of gelato with a shot of espresso poured over it.  People can enjoy their chocolate stout gelato or the other flavors in this form.


What makes gelato different from ice cream is that gelato is stored at a warmer temperature, normally 10-15 degrees warmer than ice cream, which helps to enhance the taste.  It is also made with less butter fat, and more milk and water.


The Two Rascals Brewing Company is located at 147 N 1st St in Montrose.  For more information, call 249‑8689.  Downtown Gelato at A+Y is located at 513 E. Main Street.  For more information, call 240-7914.


Eric Maria at Drost’s Chocolates in Eckert helps Bob Lain at Dayspring Farm in Olathe create lavender infused chocolate bark, made of dark chocolate, that gives a relaxing feeling to customers.


“They are very popular, and Bob sells it at his farm and at the farmer’s market,” Eric explained.


Drosts’s offers a couple hundred dipped chocolates, mainly nut clusters, solid caramel, turtles, truffles and more.  Everything is made from scratch, using natural dairy butter cream, and nothing artificial is used.  Everything is made in small batches 24-48 hours beforehand, so people know that the chocolate is fresh.


Eric has a hard time picking the most popular item at his store.  “It is a toss up for first place among the truffles, toffee and turtles,” he explained.  “Everything else is a close second.  Everyone has a favorite.”


Bob at Dayspring Farm used to have Drost’s make the lavender infused chocolate for him, but now he just buys the chocolate from them to melt and make into squares himself using lavender grown on his farm.


The good tasting chocolate, with a hint of lavender, is popular in the area.  “People really like it, and will buy a couple packs at a time,” Bob said.


Dayspring Farm also offers a lot of different products using lavender, including lotions, pillows and essential oils.


Drost’s Chocolates is located at 12991 Highway 65 in Eckert.  For more information, call 835‑4100.  Dayspring Farm is located at 5184 6000 Rd in Olathe.  For more information, call 323‑0204.


For all your chocolate needs, look no further than local businesses, which work together to give you a different way to enjoy chocolate.