Roger Bourget creates works of art that can be ridden at the Chopper Shoppe. Photo by Clay Greathouse.

Roger Bourget creates works of art that can be ridden at the Chopper Shoppe. Photo by Clay Greathouse.

By Liesl Greathouse

MONTROSE-(Ocotber 1, 2013)  -One unique trade that has been thriving in Montrose is the custom vehicle industry, and Montrose has quite the selection to pick from.

Easy Riders!

One such business is Roger Bourget’s Chopper Shoppe, where Roger Bourget builds custom motorcycles, either from the ground up or by modifying others.  Roger has been in the industry for nearly 20 years, after growing up around bikes.  “At 16, I had a street bike before I had a car,” He said.

He eventually owned a large shop in Phoenix, Arizona and became one of the top 3 custom motorcycle builders in world.  After establishing such a reputation, Roger decided to retire and moved to Ouray to settle down.  But his customers soon began calling, and Roger decided to open up his Shoppe in Montrose in 2009, creating around 24 bikes a year.

Customers are the loyal backbone of the company.  Over 20 years, Roger has created thousands of bikes for people, and half of those customers refuse to ride any other bike.  “That was one reason why I started my shop in Montrose,” he explained.  “The motorcycle industry is mainly made up of baby boomers, so I have customers who bought one of my Choppers 15-20 years ago coming back in their retirement years looking at my new touring bikes.”

Roger’s favorite part is the design work.  He designs and builds the first bike, then has others build more bikes based on it. “We are very detail oriented,” Roger said.  “We create a piece of art work that you can ride.”

Roger tries to spend as much money in the community as he can, getting as much work done by locals and buying as many supplies as possible here.  He also employs five people and is trying to create more jobs for the area.  “I want to keep the place small,” He said.  “I made the most money when I made less bikes because they were of higher quality.”

Looking to the future, Roger is confident.  “I have never failed at anything I have done and I have a lot of good support with this,” He said.  “I’m not going to fail at this, it is not an option.”

Roger Bourget’s Chopper Shoppe is located at 420 North Townsend Blvd and can be reached at 970‑250‑7238.

Rock Crawler

For people looking to improve the look and performance of their diesel pick ups or a state of the art Rock Crawler [quality 4 x 4 parts and services for trucks and SUV], Alpine Offroad & Performance can make it a reality.

The shop was opened in 2002 by owner Terry Hawkins, who was born and raised in the Colorado Jeeping world.  “My family was always Jeeping,” he said.  “I have also always had the desire to modify stuff, to make things better and faster.”

After working for others, Terry decided to open up his own shop because he saw a need for quality customer service.  “For me, I have always treated my customers like the way I want to be treated,” he said.  “Because of that perspective, our business has grown every year.  We started as a 1,000 square foot shop and we are now at 10,000 square feet 11 years later.”


The shop specializes in custom work, especially in the diesel market.  “We don’t do the normal car repair,” Terry said.  “We make vehicles better, bigger, faster and stronger.  For most mechanics, ‘custom’ is the last thing they want to do because a majority are trained in technicians repair.  We’re trained in modifying.”

The most common requests are, for diesel pick ups, to make the vehicle tow better, brake better, and get better fuel mileage.  For Jeeps, customers want them to perform better off road, ride smoother and be able to do harder trails.

Alpine Offroad benefits Montrose by employing four locals, selling parts and providing services that customers cannot get at any other automotive shop.  The customer service that Terry has always aimed to give is what keeps customers coming back, which is Terry’s favorite part of the business.  “This is not just a job, we’re here to offer customer service,” he explained.  “Our customers are our friends, not just numbers on a piece of paper.”

As to any future goals, Terry has his eyes set where they need to be.  “I grew up here, so I know that we provide a service that locals want and need with all the Jeeping and towing that goes on around here,” he said.  “We will continue to grow as the community grows, providing more services at affordable prices.”

Alpine Offroad & Performance is located at 427 N. Cascade and can be reached at 240‑9000.

Street Rides!

A true family owned business, A&A Auto Customs specializes in building custom cars from the ground up, with everything and anything, focusing on the vintage vehicles of the 1920s and above.  “Anything old, we build them,” said co-owner Alfredo Enrique.  “We don’t only do oil changes, we do everything from the ground up: brakes, oil, custom paint jobs and engines.”

The business was established in 2002, after brothers Arturo and Alfredo Enrique kept getting asked by people to help build cars.  The two had been working on cars for a long time and had always loved it, so they decided to open up a shop.

The shop offers custom auto body and painting, full custom restoration, tires and wheels, car and truck accessories, and exhaust and suspension.  “We are unique because we build cars that people don’t want to build anymore,” Alfredo explained.  “I love to see the end product from the ground up and see the owners happy.”

With customers from as far away as Wyoming, Arizona and Denver, the shop aims to provide fair, honest work and to make the customer come first, which keeps people coming back and the shop busy.  “One customer that came in wanted us to build a truck for his grandpa who was turning 90,” Alfredo said.  “To us it makes us feel good that we made someone who is 90 years old happy.”

While customer’s request different things, most come in wanting a complete restoration or wild paint jobs.

In addition to employing four people, the shop benefits Montrose from a local perspective.  “We live here, so the money comes back to Montrose, plus people like driving by and looking at the old cars out front,” Alfredo said.

The brothers want to expand and make the business a little bit bigger with more space, as well as continuing to provide the most reliable, fair service they can in Montrose.  Alfredo said, “We just like to build old cars and make customers happy.”

A&A Auto Customs is located at 1236 N Townsend Ave and can be reached at 249‑6566.

So, whether you are into motorcycles, Jeeps and diesel pickups, or vintage style cars, local Montrose businesses provide services to make each vehicle as unique as the person who drives it.