By Caitlin Switzer

MONTROSE (December 5)—Shortly after the Tower Building was completed at the Oxbow Crossing Shopping Center, the U.S. economy took a nose dive in Nov. 2008. Today, the building remains half full—but there are signs of hope on the horizon.

Brittany Lesperance and Brian Lewis of Adjewelation Jewelry are very pleased with the South Side location of the business, which is located in the Milestone Building. Lewis opened Adjewelation Jewelry in Montrose on Mother’s Day 2011, after being located in Delta for five years.

“Like all commercial real estate, things were very, very bad,” Tower building leasing agent Mark Shaffer of Shaffer Real Estate said. “It got very, very quiet. For a couple of years we got no calls at all, and we lost tenants. The first floor, which is ideal for retail, was hit the hardest.”

Today, the phones are ringing once again with inquiries, and the timing could not be better.

“We are willing to negotiate all terms,” Shaffer said. “The top part of the building is almost full.”

For many South Montrose retailers, the business climate today is strong and growing stronger.

“We will celebrate our first anniversary on Jan. 10,” said Welington Martins of Fashion Fiesta (1541 Oxbow Dr., Suite 1050). “Every day we see people who have never been in here before, and they help spread the word.”

Martins opened Fashion Fiesta on Dec. 10, 2011, and has done no advertising—but the business is doing well, he said.

“We like this location,” he said.  “We are right next to the ice cream store and close to WalMart. We encourage people to come on in and check out our merchandise—we have lots of bling, and we have new things coming in every couple of weeks.”

Fashion Fiesta can be reached at 970-209-1239.

Brian Lewis opened his business, Adjewelation Jewelry (1404 Hawk Parkway, Suite 102), after working as a jeweler on the Front Range. Although the business was located in Delta for five years, Adjewelation arrived in Montrose on Mother’s Day of 2011 and now occupies the ground floor of the Milestone Building on South Townsend.

“Business has been great,” Lewis said. “Probably because of who we are, and what we do and offer. We have a great selection, we do repairs in-house, and we have the ability to get it done NOW.”

Lewis said he chose the South Side location on purpose.

“When I started out ten years ago, I read something that said, if you leave Downtown you will double your business,” Lewis said.

Sales have also been strong at The Liquor Store (1601 Oxbow Dr.) in Oxbow Crossing, managed by Pete Schopp.

“Business is good,” Schopp said. “We have been here since 2006—this is all where the boom is going on.”