Mirror staff report

MONTROSE–Yes, back in his home town of New Orleans he had an established career, an appreciative following and a bright future. Here in Montrose, however, he has two young daughters.

“Their mom came here to get a job,” explains Kipori “Baby Wolf” Woods, the gifted New Orleans transplant who has been thrilling appreciative  musical audiences since his arrival in town. “So I came to make sure my kids know me. Colorado is nice! The scenery changes a lot!”

In addition to playing high profile gigs like Durango Blues Train, Woods also plays community events and fundraisers–and this month, locals can catch him at the Second Annual Sharing Ministries Street Dance at 121 North Rio Grande Sept. 20 and at the Ninth Annual Montrose Oktoberfest to benefit All Points Transit on Sept. 27 in Centennial Plaza.

“I have the time,” Woods said, “and I love making people happy. I will do whatever it takes to promote happiness, music and fun.”

Though here in Montrose few call him by his nickname, Baby Wolf, in his home town of New Orleans it’s a different story. The name is a way of paying tribute to a beloved musical mentor, a musical “dad,” Woods noted, though he acknowledges that his own actual father has come to think of himself as “The Big Wolf” over the years.

“Where I’m from, when they see me walking down the street, “Baby Wolf” is what they say,” he said.

Finding local musicians to jam with here in Montrose has not been difficult for Woods.

“I love playing at Horsefly when I am in town,” he said. “I’ve had a couple of great jam sessions with some up and coming guys, and I try to share with them what I have to share.”

Playing for fundraiser like Oktoberfest and the Sharing Ministries Dance is just part of being a member of the community, he added.

“I think everyone should come out for a good cause,” he said. “At some point we all need a hug. We all need love.  And we all need each other’s help to be happy in life.”