By Caitlin Switzer

MONTROSE-Ask Charles Millican and Mindi Conerly Millican why they chose to name their business Buckhorn Coffee, and the two can’t help laughing. That’s because this young couple lives on Buckhorn Drive, the location where they first began to indulge their shared obsession with the art of roasting coffee beans.

“We even knocked a hole in the wall of our garage to let the smoke out,” Mindi explains.

Now, the family business has a space of its own, a refreshing enclave complete with a yard and patio at 1040-1048 South Townsend Avenue. Buckhorn Coffee officially opens today, bringing fresh, roasted-to-order coffee to retail and wholesale clients as well as a whole new, polished look to this busy Montrose corner. Expect cement picnic tables and benches under the trees in the near future, Charles Millican said.

“We have been training and planning for this for two years,” said Mindi. “We have really been looking at how we can perfect the art of roasting, and how we can bring a high end product to the community for an affordable price.

“A great cup of coffee doesn’t have to cost $3.”

Charles runs day to day operations and Mindy, also an attorney in private practice, is responsible for ordering inventory and doing the bookkeeping. The Coffee roaster itself has been placed in the lobby of the extensively renovated retail space, enhancing the sensory experience.

Coffees from around the world are sold to order in a variety of ways—from hot and cold brewed to nitrogen infused, cold-brewed coffee—something that is not offered in any other local establishment.

“Nitrogen infused coffee is amazing,” Conerly said. “It is very popular on the East and West coasts. It takes 20 hours to brew, in a keg, and it is infused with nitrogen to bring a rich, smooth flavor to cold coffee.

“It tastes good, and there is more caffeine, for an extra boost,” she said. “I love it.”

Whatever your taste, the owners want to cater to you—and the nitrogen infused keg coffee IS amazing.

“Visit our web site to see where our beans come from, and come in to watch us roast coffee before you purchase it,” Conerly said. “We can fine tune our roasts to give people exactly what they like.”

Visit Buckhorn Coffee online at www.buckhorncoffee.com, or call 970 901-8916.