By Rachel Boschen

We all like to think that we’re special. Our personalities set us apart; we’re unique. That’s what we tell ourselves, but as we grow older, we realize that we are the same stuff as everyone else. We may struggle to find peace from our burdens. We want to find love. We want to belong to something greater. College student and President of Montrose Campus Voice club, Melisa Fender, states “I’ve never been a part of a club before, but I always wanted to be a part of something.” MC Voice is creating Student Life, to give students a break from the real college life that students here in Montrose struggle with. Rarely does a traditional just-out-of-high-school student, living on campus and looking forward to the next drinking binge, walk our campus. We’re the melting pot of people some like to call “non-traditional”: varying ages, full-time jobs, kids, and living on our own, years possibly out of high-school. Montrose Campus Voice Club is a product of this melting pot. Students of Montrose Campus were eager for change and thus created the club to provide support and community for the students of CMU Montrose. But what is a club supposed to be? Is it that nerdy thing that overachievers do? Many people think they don’t have time to participate in a club on top of “everything else.”

Mike Shull, ASG Senator and idea man, and Heidi Goforth, first president and co-creator, began MC Voice in 2012 to provide “that connection with other students outside of the academia of the classrooms,” as Mike puts it. Heidi was a tutor and saw a need to provide a place where students “can hang out with one another and, you know, have educated conversations and not so much have to worry about, I guess, Montrose and how Montrose is.” Mike witnessed the interesting phenomena that “when you get… bogged down with work… you become less and less efficient,”which all of us Montrose Campus students experience. He realized that “when you can disconnect, you can spend less time and get more work done.” So that is what MC Voice became, a way to disconnect from academics, work, and life. They hold events like BBQ’s, Bake Sales, Speed Dating, Free Yoga in the Quad, Annual Chili Cook-off’s and Pizza Parties. Most of their events are open to the public and either free or low cost to participate.

I guess what makes us special here on Montrose Campus, is that we live up to our name as Mavericks. We bust our butts to be efficient and successful despite the odds that we face and the walls we must climb. Heidi knows that “it’s easy to get distracted or get in trouble, and make wrong decisions…” but we are ruthless and determined, and per the definition of Maverick, we are “independent minded and unorthodox”. The officers of MC Voice are moms, employees, students and club members. Oh, did I mention that MC Voice is ran entirely by female leadership? You go girls. MC Voice is paving the way for future club members and officers to unite the community and campus while creating Student Life, but as Mike put it “Sometimes it’s best to just say…bottom line is we just want to have fun.”