Mirror staff report
MONTROSE-On Monday, Jan. 6 Montrose City Council will host a work session at 10 a.m. and on Tuesday, Jan. 7 City Council will host a Council meeting at 11 a.m.
Discussion items will include a request for $216K in business incentives for a proposed Marriot Hotel near the Montrose County Justice Center; a community development block grant for Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club; potential changes to City code concerning modular construction; a recommendation for fleet management software; a recommendation for purchase of equipment at auction; potential changes to the City charter; and an overview of De Novo hearing procedures.
Items scheduled for future City work sessions and meetings include:
Jan. 20-A bid recommendation for asbestos abatement; Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the Montrose Recreation District for Shared Services; and introduction of new City employees.
Jan. 21-Special meeting/executive session; de novo hearing for RV park conditional use permit.
Feb. 3-Hispanic Affairs Project Photovoice Presentation.
As yet unscheduled are the 2020 Annexation Plan & Report and an electric vehicle charging station. A written report from the Montrose County Housing Authority is included in the work session packet.
Council will administer the Oath of Office to a new City Attorney.
Council will consider approving the City of Montrose website,, as the official posting location for meeting notices, with the bulletin boards in the lobby and outside of City Hall for use as secondary locations. Council will consider approving a request for additional funding for Montrose Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). Council will consider approving the purchase of a 2020 Ford Transit van from Montrose Ford for the total purchase price of $47,311 for the Montrose Police Department and purchase of a Peterbilt refuse truck with a Labrie Service body from Faris Machinery of Grand Junction for the total purchase price of $284,770 for the Public Works Department. Following staff reports, Council will adjourn.