Montrose Regional Crime Stoppers and the Montrose Police Department are seeking the help of citizens to locate and apprehend perpetrator(s) involved in recent multiple property damage crimes.


Since April 16, 2015, Montrose Police have received 31 reports of broken windshields and windows shattered by BBs fired from a vehicle, all within the city of Montrose. These crimes have caused thousands of dollars in damage to vehicles and property. Montrose Regional Crime Stoppers is seeking your information, not your name. For information leading to an arrest for these crimes, the Montrose Police Department is offering an X Box One gaming console or its cash value. This is in addition to any reward that may be awarded by Crime Stoppers. These crimes, because of their number and the amount of damages, may result in felony convictions, civil as well as criminal penalties, and may include such penalties for anyone who has assisted the perpetrators.

Anyone with information about the suspect(s) can call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 249-8500. Crime Stoppers and the Montrose Police want your Information, not your identity.