Special to the Mirror

OURAYEncaustic is a wax-based paint- ing medium characterized by luminous color and lush surface. It is an ancient art, dating back as far as Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire is now enjoying a re- vival. Dianna Fritzler has been creating with encaustics for the past seven years and has grown very fond of her relation- ship with hot wax. Her popular encaustic workshops are known to be filled with

exploration, enthusiasm, excitement, and fun.

“Taking a workshop with Weehawken Creative Arts is a great way to start the exploration of an exciting medium, or to move your work forward with new meth- ods,” said Weehawken’s Executive Direc- tor, Ashley King.

“This workshop really offers the new or emerging artist as well as the seasoned artist to explore something exciting and different and we hope that people will take full-advantage of having Dianna here for a day.”

On Sept. 15th, Weehawken will offer “Encaustics 101” with Dianna Fritzler from 9 am until 4 pm in Ouray. During this one-day workshop, students will learn: what encaustic painting is; precautions for healthy encaustic painting; what materials you need to get started; step-by-step proce- dures to make great encaustic paintings; several various techniques including layer- ing, stenciling, relief “painting,” mono- prints, and more. Further, each participant will walk away with at least two finished paintings.

The artist and instructor grew up in Wyo- ming and Colorado. Her experiences in both states gave her a strong sense of space and an appreciation of shape that propelled her journey into art.

The wide-open spaces, broken only by an occasional cluster of trees, mountains or ranches gave her a deep understanding of simplicity, shape and prospective. The people infused a strong sense of honesty, determination, humor and an appreciation of the basics.

In speaking of her art, she says, “I am fas- cinated by nature and form; from snowy peaks to rusted tailgates, I celebrate it all through my paintings. Creating art is the nucleus of serenity for me. When I paint, I retreat into the profound journey of living in the moment with complete awareness, acceptance and joy. My ultimate goal is to share that feeling with others.”

Take the opportunity to spend a day in beautiful Ouray, Colorado and see the spectacular scenery and visit the incredible shops and restaurants of the area while you are able to learn, or learn more about En- caustic wax painting. Friztler says, “Bring your sense of adventure and go home with some art!”

The price for this workshop includes all basic supplies and is listed at: $160 for Weehawken Members / $171 for Non- Members.

Advance registration is needed.

To register, visit www.weehawkenarts.org or call Wee- hawken at 970-318-0150.