By Gail Marvel
MONTROSE-The May 2019 newsletter from Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA) informed members that beginning in July they will see a $2 statement fee on their bill, but if members go paperless, they can save $2 a month.
DMEA member Cathy Carlson said, “Someday I expected my credit card company would force me to go paperless because they are a huge company, but I didn’t expect it from my local electric company.” Carlson spoke to a DMEA customer service representative (CRS) who said the cost of sending paper statements was in the $300,000 a year range. However, it was not clear if that figure was just for billing statements, or if it also included the cost of publishing the company newsletter which is mailed with the statements.
Montrose resident Linda Davis said, “My dad is 93 years-old and he doesn’t have a computer. He can’t make payments electronically. I haven’t contacted DMEA yet, but I intend to.”
After reading the newsletter announcement Sherry Lynn Nicolas wrote to DMEA, “I have five electric bills that come each month. When the last one comes in the mail, I write one check, put them in one envelope and send them in with one stamp. I am 75-years old. I don’t want to be online. I don’t have email and I don’t want email.” DMEA contacted Nicolas to tell her they had received her letter.
The fee notice in the newsletter offered three reasons for going paperless. The third rationale: “Starting in July, you’ll see a $2 paper statement fee on your DMEA bill. Go paperless now and save that $2 each month. What can $2 get you that’s way better than a bill anyway? A Wendy’s Bacon Cheeseburger, a candy bar, a pack a (sp) gum, a song on iTunes, a scratch ticket…pretty much anything is better than paying extra to get your bill.”
The new fee will cost Nicolas $10 a month. She said, “I’m offended they are giving me suggestions on how to spend my money.”
Carlson noted that not everyone reads the newsletter and suggested the upcoming fee should have been written on billing statements in red letters. She said, “I know the board of directors are supposed to be our representatives, but this is one time they are not representing the members.”
DMEA Board Members
Dist 1 – Bill Patterson, 970-209-1449,
Dist 2 – Kyle Martinez, 970-615-7124,
Dist 3 – Brad Harding, 970-270-3692,
Dist 4 – Ken Watson, 970-275-2100,
Dist 5 – Chris Hauck, 970-497-0900,
Dist 6 – Damon Lockhart, 970-314-1071,
Dist 7 – Mark Eckhart, 970-856-3663,
Dist 8 – (North Region) Stacia Cannon, 920-207-8831,
Dist 9 – (South Region) Tony Prendergast, 970-361-7126,