By Caitlin Switzer

(MONTROSE, 11/20/12)—What had taken a decade to build was almost lost in the blink of an eye. The automobile accident that left a Montrose chiropractor with severe injuries in July also left him unable to work in the family business for a time. However, thanks to a strong recovery, the arrival of a new associate, and the support of family and friends, Dr. Darin Dunnagan of Dunnagan Chiropractic is back on the job.

“He takes Wednesdays off, because he is still healing,” said his wife, Melora Dunnagan, “But he is back, and we want our patients to know.”

She expressed appreciation for the help of Dr. Victoria Rhoten, who joined the practice shortly after the accident to care for patients.

“We were so thankful,” Dunnagan said. “She arrived in the nick of time! It was scary, a trying time, but many of our patients were willing to see her. And Darin is healing well, he’s on the right track—we feel very thankful and blessed.”

The Dunnagans arrived in Montrose in 2002, and have worked hard ever since to build the chiropractic practice, which is located at 145 South Cascade Avenue, and which emphasizes progressive, natural care for acute and chronic conditions. They have also been busy raising eight children.

“All of our kids are athletes,” Dunnagan said, “and Darin has coached for years—soccer, basketball, volleyball. This is more than a business for us, it is a lifestyle. We are always teaching and educating.

“We really treat the whole body, and we work with everybody,” she said. “We work with athletes to prevent injuries, and with post-injury rehab. We even work with infants—after all, babies are just like us, only smaller.”

Mild Hyperbaric Therapy is a specialty at Dunnagan Chiropractic, and can be especially effective in helping cancer patients recover from the impacts of chemotherapy.

“We have been really excited by the results we are seeing,” Dunnagan said. “When you get in, the pressure sends oxygen through your whole body, allowing everything to work more efficiently and effectively. Toxins cannot breed in oxygen; this treatment allows your whole system to function at its highest level.”

She noted that one patient, a Parkinsons sufferer who could hardly write his name, has improved enough to take up woodworking again.

“We have his work on display in our office,” Dunnagan said.

Today, Dr. Dunnagan is very busy, and pleased to work with Dr. Rhoten, who performs acupuncture as well. The clinic also employs a certified massage therapist.

“We encourage people to make us their first stop,” Melora said. “Our goal is to offer our patients unique care to the best of our ability; we are very progressive, and open to working with other therapists and doctors.  And we are really not in a routine—we take your physical symptoms into consideration, as well as your home and work environments and your lifestyle.”

Contact Dunnagan Chiropractic at 970-252-3360, or visit them online at www.dchyperbarics.com.