Enjoy Yourself at All About You Salon!

With All About You Salon, Samantha Holzmeister wanted to create an environment where people would feel comfortable and relaxed when they walked in. Photo by Clay Greathouse.

By Liesl Greathouse

MONTROSE—(January 15) For anyone looking for a way to pamper themselves in a welcoming environment, All About You Salon aims to please.  Samantha Holzmeister, a cosmetologist, is the fun and friendly owner of All About You Salon in Montrose.

Born and raised in Montrose, Samantha did all her friends’ hair and nails growing up.  After high school, she decided to go to college to learn more about doing hair and nails professionally.  She attended Abilene Texas College of Cosmetology and then came back to Montrose to do an internship and work at a local salon.

A year after she came back, Samantha decided to start her own salon.  “I have always wanted to own my own business,” She said.  “I wanted to create an environment where people would feel comfortable and relaxed when they walk in.  The local salon I worked at was not like that.  So, to achieve that feeling, I decided to create it on my own.”

Samantha opened All About You Salon in March of 2011.   It is a full-service salon and spa.  It provides haircuts and colors, facials, manicures, pedicures, acrylic and Shellac nails, and full body waxing.  “Our biggest goal is to help people feel good about themselves and put a smile on their face,” Samantha explained.

The Salon gets a variety of clients, from less than one to more than 90 years old.  “We do men, women and kids,” Samantha said.  “Any and all ages. We can even go to a person’s home if they need us to.”

If they do not offer a specific service, they will research it and see if they can learn to do it.

At the Salon, haircuts for women are $25 and for men $18.  Manicures are $17, Shellac nails are $29, pedicures are $30 and hair colors start at $55.  The Salon has special discounts every month, and people can get a free brow wax after five purchases.

All About You Salon is different because it really is all about the client.  “We focus on making clients happy, getting all their needs met, instead of just getting them in and out the door,” Samantha said.  “We create a connection.  We do what we can to make you feel happy.”

Samantha currently has two employees and is still looking for more help.  “My goal is to have two other full time stylists, plus one part time,” Samantha explained.  “I want to be able to work full time helping the other stylists, but not be in here seven days a week.  I want girls in here who love to come to work, just like me.”

Samantha’s favorite part of her business is interacting with clients.

“I love being able to communicate with people all day,” She said.  “I love making people feel good in different ways.”

Her ultimate goal is to have a successful salon in Montrose with lots of clients.

“I love the people here in Montrose,” Samantha said.  “I am so thankful for their support of my business.”

For more information, call 970-249-3400 or visit All About You Salon at 28 South Grand Avenue in Montrose.  Walk-ins are always welcome and the Salon is open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-9 p.m., and on Saturday 9 a.m.-3 p.m.