Healthy Hemp For Pets and People!

By Liesl Greathouse

OLATHE-As more is learned about natural solutions to health issues in both humans and animals, many discoveries are popping up.  One such discovery is the usefulness of CBD (Cannabidiol), which provides all the health benefits of hemp without any of the ‘high’.  A local business, RxCBD, is working to educate people on this interesting ingredient for a healthy life, while also creating a delicious way for both pets and people to take it.

Kris Otto, owner of RxCBD, is based in Olathe and creates homemade CBD infused edibles for pets and their people.  Their animal products are Benny’s Healthy Hemp treats (for dogs) and Anna’s Healthy Hemp treats (for cats).  Both are unique dietary treats designed to support the health and wellness of your pet.  These yummy little chicken noodle soup flavor treats contain industrial hemp oil that is rich in CBD.

CBD has been shown to provide relief from stress, anxiety and pain in animals as well as humans.  In animals, it has been linked with prolonged lifespan, reduced anxiety and an overall improvement in the life of a pet. It is also believed to help with a number of aggression disorders, noise phobias, canine dementia, the urge to spray (in felines) and a number of other problems that often plague our pets.  It interacts naturally with the immune and nervous system of pets, making them more confident, more relaxed and healthier across the board.  As industrial hemp is naturally rich in these substances (and especially CBD), while having virtually zero THC, it has no side effects and your pet will not get high by eating Benny’s Treats.   “It’s not Pot!”  Kris added.  “That’s why I can ship it elsewhere, because it is not illegal [to ship elsewhere].”

The treats are also perfect for pets with special diets, since they contain no wheat, corn, soy, gluten or artificial ingredients.

CBD works to benefit the whole body, anxiety, pain, increases circulation, healthy all around.

It helps with inflammation, arthritis, aggression disorders, and stimulate appetite for animals when they are sick.  One of the biggest benefits of CBD is the main reason it was discovered in the first place: to help with seizure activity.

Kris has been in the baking business her whole life, and she also has degrees in Microbiology and Biochemistry, which set her up for a good understanding of the whole field of health and wellness.  Her main reason for getting into the field she is currently focusing on is because of her father.  “My dad’s old and was having all the side effects and horror stories [related to] prescription drugs,” she explained.  “He was on pain killers because of a broken hip and my mom and I were caring for him.  He was getting the dementia that people get when they are on pain killers a lot.  It was so horrible.  I knew there had to be another option.”

That led to finding the very new field of CBD.  Because it is so new, there are not many user friendly options, so Kris set out to make it be easy for her dad to take.  “It was something to help my dad and it has also helped his Restless Leg Syndrome,” she explained.  She used her baking skills to make cookies that are infused with CBD.

So Kris started to offer her CBD-infused baked goods for people, but she also had a pet treats business online for 15 years, so she transitioned that into her CBD animal treats as well.  “I offer them for the same reason as for offering human products: to help those needing help,” she explained.  “I have had a lot of animals with anxiety around thunder or gun shots.  I have tried every natural product, but did not want to do drugs.  With giving my dog CBD treats, I saw the results and thought ‘oh my gosh’.  We were outside in the garden and heard a rumble thunderstorm moving in, and normally my dog would be trying to break through the door, but instead was just laying there with no issues.  There have been a plethora of wonderful stories [from customers] that you can’t deny.”

Some of those many customer comments that have been received for the treats include, “My dog, Mardi, is no longer freaking out during thunderstorms!” and, “My cat is an uptight girl- hissing at strangers and sometimes me.  A CBD treat was like a ‘chill pill’ for her.  Both of us are happier.”


Kris also loves to use her business to help others by sponsoring organizations and donating treats to them.  One such place is a rescue in Illinois that rescues German Shepherds, then train the dogs to help victims of PTSD.  “The treats help the dogs with training and makes the dogs more adoptable,” Kris said.  “Sometimes the animals are scared and do not seem friendly or adoptable.  The treats help the dogs use their own natural system to center and ground themselves, so they can be more themselves, not lash out at people, and have more chance to be adopted.  The rescue trainers have had fantastic luck with dogs who have nerve issues, as the treats help the dogs become focused, and the trainers are able to communicate to them better.”

With the variety of people across the country that purchase the treats, what is her favorite part?  “The stories that I get,” she said.  “I ship enough product that I do not hear from every customer, but the stories that I do hear are literally life changing for people and pets.  Many of them have been looking for a solution for so long and have tried so many things.”

One such testimonial brings things back into perspective as to how CBD can benefit pets:  “Thank you for what you do! Our Weimaraner, Dakota, has had issues with seizures for two years. Dakota has been seizure free, and has no anxiety about having a seizure since he started taking Benny’s Healthy Hemp! He has been taking his Benny’s treats since the end of June, and since then he has been much more playful and active. Previously, at 10 minutes, he would want to go inside because that is when he would have a seizure. Long story short, he now pouts when we play retrieve and ‘find it’ for only 30minutes. Thanks again!”

For more information, call 650-0208 or visit or

It is a good idea to consult your veterinarian as well to be sure your pet is healthy enough for CBD.