“I love it that Art on Trout Road comes before Thanksgiving. You can see hand-crafted items, talk a little art and philosophy and drink some yogi tea in Bill’s homey studio before the crazy holiday rush starts.”

Montrose Artist Gina Grundemann

By Caitlin Switzer

MONTROSE-As the 2014 Thanksgiving holiday nears, many families will share special traditions and time-honored rituals as they prepare for the feast and for the season of festivities to follow. Here in Montrose, one local Pre-Thanksgiving tradition is Art on Trout Road, the annual open house and art show hosted by Montrose artists Bill Wilson, Gina Grundemann, Ron Hoeksema and Paul Wiesner at Wilson’s pottery studio (68408 Trout Road) Nov. 22-23 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The works on display at the Trout Road shows never disappoint, and this year should be no exception.  Expect gorgeous and functional pottery, ceramics, landscape paintings, abstract art, tiles and gift items in a friendly and relaxed home studio. Enjoy the company of friends and neighbors, and refreshments– including Bill’s traditional Yogi tea.

Wiesner is the “wild card” in this year’s display, Wilson notes–a local Ophthalmologist, the doctor has recently immersed himself in the art of making pottery.

“Medicine as a vocation can be all-consuming, and I have always found joy in trying other endeavors,” Wiesner said. “When I got the crazy idea that I wanted to make a set of dishes for each of my children for Christmas, Bill generously allowed me to come out to his studio. Little did I know how much time, energy, science and physical skill went into just making a basic coffee mug!

With Wilson’s help and encouragement, Wiesner finished a functional set of pottery for his daughter and is working to complete two other sets.

“What a creative release for the mad scientist in all of us, combined with the childhood joy of playing in the mud!” he said.

Bill Wilson’s pottery and ceramic works are well-known for their beauty and functionality, and he looks forward to welcoming friends and community to his studio once again.

“I have been making wonderful objects out of clay for over 40 years and have loved every minute, except for a bad firing or two,” Wilson said. “It is a great Joy to see the support of communities up and down the valleys for our local artists. This show pushes me to make a wide variety of pots both large and small. It also gives me a chance to hear feedback from my supporters, which is always welcome.”

Collectors of Painter Gina Grundemann’s work can catch up with one of the region’s most sought-after artists, and revel in the rich color and vibrant energy of her latest works. Gina depicts the rural landscape, gathering ideas as she explores back roads and mountain hillsides, so reminiscent of her childhood in Montana. Her paintings are impressionistic and alive with saturated colors.

“I strive to add movement and energy in my landscapes by including a winding path, road or a fence line through a scene,” Grundemann said. “Colorful birds are also drifting into little paintings where I can play with gold leaf and collage.”

A regional favorite, Ron Hoeksema has been creating his popular serigraph landscapes and oil paintings for many years, and will show a new body of abstract oils for this year’s Art on Trout Road. Ron will include some serigraphs at the show, both framed and unframed.

“I spent most of 2014 refining my abstract technique and enjoying the challenge and discovery of this genre,” Hoeksema said. “I also painted several impressionistic landscapes which border on the abstract.”

The November weather can be unpredictable, but Art on Trout Road is sure to please-just a short country drive, four miles south of Montrose and one mile east on Trout Road, brings you to this seasonal showing of art and pottery. Call 970-249-4293 for more information.