Fellow citizens are alerting all of us as to what a bad deal this proposed tax hike for a police building and” all of a sudden” being in need of fourteen additional Police Officer’s and six support personnel.
Before we rush into indenturing our self’s and a couple of generations of Montrose Citizens yet to be born for the next thirty years let’s put on our inquisitors’ hats for a minute and examine the origins of this proposed tax hike by City Council.
1. How many additional police officers SPECIFICALLY has the POLICE DEPARTMENT asked for per year over current staffing levels the last seven years?
2. What number of additional Police Officers over current manning levels did City Council allot for and hire?
3. It is no secret Montrose Is growing and police assistant calls are up. How many years has the Montrose Police Department and City management been aware of the increased workload of the Montrose Police Department?
4. Did Citizens ever have a conversation or alert the Montrose Police Department in years past for an immediate need to start hiring more Police Officers?
5. Does the Montrose City Police Department leadership and City Council consider public safety it’s number one priority? If no, why?
6. If yes to #5 , why was any other expenditure by line item funded prior to funding and fully staffing the Montrose police Department.
7. A call for listing every expenditure by the city of $5,000 or more regardless of category been initiated in the press by a citizen or citizens. Does the City Council agree that should not take longer than a week to print out and publish in the press?
8, A call for City Council to denote by asterisk ( * ) all individual line item expenditures of $5,000 or more that are deemed to be more important than fully funding the Montrose Police Department?
When these questions are answered are we to ask is how did we get to a critical situation all in one year without a gradual and prudent business plan from the city administration to deal with this problem?
Let’s start there and not be blindly let down another emotional tax hike that we will never recover from.
9. What’s the deal here? Do we have either total neglect of the Police Department by City Management or was this an engineered crisis/tax hike?
Note: The City has stated it has given the Police department over $2,200,000 over the past seven years. Sounds like a lot but when divided by 7 years comes out to be only $300,000 per year on an average. Just saying.

Al Benson, Montrose