Special to the Mirror

MONTROSE–On Tuesday, Oct. 9th start- ing at 6 PM in the Montrose Pavilion the Montrose County League of Women Vot- ers will host a candidate forum for the fol- lowing contested races: Montrose County Commissioners, Colorado House District 58 and U.S. House District 3. Candidates agreeing to participate are: County Com- missioner District 3 candidates Kjersten Davis and David White; County Commis- sioner District 1 candidates Ron Hender- son and Juli Messenger; Colorado House District 58 candidates Don Coram and Tammy Theis; and U.S. House District 3 candidates Tisha Casida and Greg Gilman. Sal Pace and Scott Tipton will not be par- ticipating in this forum.

Dick Baker, retired school administrator, will be moderator for this event. Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions directly of candidates or submit a written question to be asked by the mod- erator.

The County Commissioners will start at 6:00PM to be followed by the HD 58 can- didates and CD 3 after HD 58. Times for each contested race may change based upon the number of questions being asked of the candidates.