Montrose Executive Plaza

Special to the Mirror

MONTROSE–The Montrose Executive Plaza is a classy community meeting and event Center that opened this year. The Plaza is a local business serving Montrose families, nonprofits, and businesses by providing reasonably priced, refined meeting and event space with a personal touch. Please consider this facility for anything from small meetings to 200-person events. Friends of The Plaza, along with Montrose ACT and their Redcoat organization, welcome the Montrose Executive Plaza at a recent ribbon cutting: Redcoats Lori Rodgers (Montrose Auto Body) and Rex Swanson (Aflac)(with scissors), Todd Anderson, Redcoat Bill Brougham (Brougham and Associates), Michelle Haynes (Region 10), owners Pat and Terry Byrd (with scissors and sign), and Redcoats John Lindh and Lacy Anderson (All PointsTransit).