Ira Goldfarb is excited to share his latest business venture, Prairie Dog Treats, with the community. The six year old company has already built a market worldwide.

By Caitlin Switzer

MONTROSE—(January 15) As stores across the nation  scrambled to pull contaminated Chinese-made pet treat brands from shelves last Wednesday, one of Montrose’s newest entrepreneurs breathed deeply and prepared to conquer the market—with safe, delicious treats for beloved pets, made right here at home.

Ira Goldfarb’s two local companies–Prairie Dog Antlers (225 North Townsend Ave.), and Prairie Dog Treats,  (146 West Main St.)–are both designed to make sure your little pet has healthy snacks that will promote—rather than destroy—good health and well-being. After just six years in the business, Goldfarb’s products are sold in most major pet retailers.

“We are American sourced, and American made,” Goldfarb said. “In fact, most of our products are sourced right here in Colorado.”

Antlers provide numerous nutritional benefits, including essential minerals like collagen, lipids, glucosamine, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Because the quality of the naturally shed and harvested antlers used to make Prairie Dog Antlers is very high, they do not splinter or chip, but aid in kidney function and healing of wounds, while building a healthier coat and cleaner teeth.

Prairie Dog Treats contain no fillers, by-products, added fat, artificial colors or flavors, and do not incorporate wheat, corn or soy.  They come in a variety of all-natural “steakhouse” selections, and are produced in human-grade facilities with 100-percent pure meats raised in the U.S.A.

Goldfarb, who was raised in Philadelphia and who has lived in the pet-friendly community of Telluride, notes that in addition to all-natural meat proteins, Prairie Dog Treats contain such healthful ingredients as sweet potato and apple.       The manufacturing facility is set to open Feb. 1, he said. More than 30 local employees work for Prairie Dog Antlers, while Prairie Dog Treats is expected to employ more than 40 locally-hired staffers.

Goldfarb had high praise for the City of Montrose, and for the locals who have been hired to help run both businesses—and for his business Manager, Scott Stephens, in particular.

“We are a growing company,” he said, “and the City has been great to us. Montrose is a beautiful place, and the incentives to build our business here have been phenomenal.”