“Rockin’ Alice” to be presented by Weehawken Creative Arts

RIDGWAY-alice-9A newly formed troupe; The Weehawken Royal Actors will proudly present an original production of “Rockin’ Alice” based on Lewis Carroll’s classic tales Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  This adaptation is set to classic rock songs, with fun, witty and entertaining original lyrics.  This exciting production features youth from Montrose to Silverton and is directed by local teaching artists, Kathleen O’Mara and David Nunn.

Director, Kathleen O’Mara designed and developed the Rockin’ Alice concept 10 years ago and has produced the production on both coasts. Teaching Artist, Producer and Director of Performing Arts since 1992, Kathleen is known for being dedicated to innovative, story driven staged productions, Kathleen has worked with thousands of students across the nation on hundreds of performance pieces. Historical content, student original works, Musical Theatre, Shakespeare, and Classic Drama, are all based on a background in Educational Theatre Arts, and experience. Kathleen is equally comfortable with small or large casts, novice or experienced actors of all ages.  Kathleen’s talent for fast-paced process oriented work ties together structure and organizational skills with the freedom of ambitious thought provoking projects. Influenced by her experience in interpersonal acting, transpersonal acting, and ensemble group theatre, Kathleen strives towards a product that tells a story, creating pictures and moments within the scene work. A creative eye and accomplishing visually stunning pictures of character and costume, as well as commitment to ensemble process and the importance of warm ups, theatre games, and a sense of community, has led her to a career of quality productions that tell compelling stories.

Music Director, David Nunn moved to the San Juan Mountains in 2003, after growing up in the great music town of Charlottesville, VA. David started playing the guitar 46 years ago and now enjoys playing regularly in Ridgway and Telluride as a solo act as well as with various local musicians.   David also offers lessons to students in the area.  David is excited to be a part of the Rockin’ Alice teaching and directing team and is looking forward to bringing a Rockin’ show to the Sherbino with this production.


“Rockin’ Alice” features students from Silverton, Ridgway, Ouray and Montrose and will be presented on Friday November 18th at 6 PM, Saturday 19th at 11 AM and Sunday November 20th at 4 PM. All performances will be at the Sherbino Theater located at 604 Clinton St. in Ridgway, CO. Tickets are $5 General Admission. Children 6 and under are Free.


“We would love to see full audiences for these young actors. They have been working so hard with their Directors and deserve a rowdy, supportive audience,” said Executive Director, Ashley King. “This is a great kick-off to Kathleen being in our area and a wonderful opportunity to come check it out and support the kids at the same time.”


For more information contact the Weehawken Creative Arts office at (970) 318-0150 or visit www.weehawkenarts.org.