By Caitlin Switzer

MONTROSE–Yes, that beautiful back wall that Cherie McPherson and her husband built for the new Amazing Glaze location at 209 East Main Street (in the former Pickled Painter space) looks like expensive, reclaimed barn wood. Looks can deceive however –like much of the work for this gorgeous business “makeover,” that wall is actually built from a plentiful local resource that many might overlook–old pallets.

“We got the pallets right here in Montrose,” McPherson said, “and they didn’t cost us a thing.”

Seeing beauty where others don’t is a habit for Cherie, who designed the new space herself with the idea of “industrial rustic.”

“My husband and I did everything here, including the flooring, painting, even knocking out walls,” she said. “There’s so much more to come! I have copper stools arriving soon, and I plan to put cage lights by the window so the storefront will really pop.

“Our party room has doubled in size,” she said. “It’s much more versatile.”

Once warm weather arrives, Amazing Glaze patrons have another treat in store–a back patio furnished in comfortable and colorful “shabby chic” style, she said.

“I will plant tomatoes, and raspberries,” she said. “Phase two will SO country!”

Born and raised in Montrose, Cherie has a pretty good idea of what appeals to her local clientele, which continues to grow. She credits 12 years of working with Scott Beyer of Scott’s printing for her formidable business skills. “I went to work for Scott when I was 19,” she said. “He taught me everything I know–my customer service skills, and my work ethic.”

McPherson’s former boss, Scott Beyer, called her “absolutely awesome.”

“Cherie is doing really well because she’s a sharp kid,” he said. “She really absorbs things, and when somebody works that hard, you don’t mind sharing what you know.”

An experienced entrepreneur herself these days, McPherson believes passionately in the potential of Amazing Glaze, a longtime local pottery painting business that she has owned for more than five years.

“Mary Hill started the business ten years ago, over on Grand Avenue,” McPherson said. “She moved it to Main Street eight years ago.  I was working for her around the time my husband and I were planning to sell our other business, McPherson Offroad.

“When Mary offered to sell me Amazing Glaze, we were not even sure we would be staying in Montrose,” McPherson said. “My husband and I had been considering Southern California. But I knew if I did not buy it, the doors would close…and the thought of not having Amazing Glaze in my life was too much to bear.

“So I jumped in with boot feet, and it was the best thing I ever did.”

The new location, just two doors down from the old, can better accommodate a clientele that continues to build.

“This is a very popular place for parties, but also for ladies who just want to come in to unwind and relax,” McPherson said. “We are also seeing more and more guys–when they experience Amazing Glaze, they quickly overcome any stereotypes.”

As the pottery painting side of the business steadily grows, McPherson said that she hopes to do more craft workshops and classes taught by local artists.

“All it takes is to get a customer through my doors once,” she said. “Customer service is where it all begins–and once they experience Amazing Glaze from start to finish, they are mine.”

New people stop by Amazing Glaze several times a week, she noted. McPherson expressed excitement for the changes taking place in the shop’s West Main “LoMo” neighborhood.

“We’ll never compete with East Main,” she said, “but we are holding West Main meetings, with Lance Michaels from the DDA. We have been brainstorming, and we have some amazing ideas.

“I have a vision from driving into Golden, Colorado where you see this beautiful sign as you drive into town, and they really present what Golden has to offer,” she said. “I see no reason that we can’t do something similar here on West Main. After all, once the Holidays are over and the Water Sports Park takes shape, very exciting things are coming.

“This will be the sought-out area to be.”

Amazing Glaze will celebrate a grand opening soon, and a New Year’s Eve event of some type during business hours. And while the business is very family-friendly, McPherson will expand grown-up opportunities with a series of evening events featuring artist demos and limited adult beverages over the coming year.

Though refurbishing the space has been hard work, Cherie is having the time of her life.

“I deal with happy people every day,” she said. “Amazing Glaze is simple, happy and creative. I love it, and I am honored to have a passion and a career.”

Find Amazing Glaze at 209 East Main, online at, or call them at 970-252-7225. The shop opens at 10 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday, and closed on Mondays.