By Caitlin Switzer

MONTROSE-She is barely old enough to go to a nightclub, but when it comes to performing for an audience, Coral Skye Dietrich is already a seasoned pro at 21.

“I started performing professionally last year,” Dietrich said, “but I have been playing on and off with my dad since I was 12.” Those who have heard Coral sing tend to be very appreciative of the young singer’s voice and presence, and Coral hopes to continue her education as a performer and as an entrepreneur. With a strong family background in the creative arts (dad is Donny Morales and mom is Bambi Dietrich), she takes a practical approach to launching her own artistic career.

“I am currently working at Community Options,” she said, “and booked up with performances every weekend, here in Montrose and in places like Grand Junction and Ridgway.

“And during the week, I am going to school to learn the business of music and study computer information systems.”

A guitarist since age 12, Coral Skye also plays piano. “I don’t have a professional quality piano to take out with me,” she said, “yet.”

Among the highlights of the past year was her appearance at the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival, especially enjoyable as Coral is an Olathe High School graduate.

She also performs several regular gigs; “I play every Sunday brunch at Two Sisters Gastropub, from 9 a.m. to Noon,” she said, “and at The Local (336 Main St.) in Grand Junction on the first Saturday of every month.”

Though the schedule can be tiring, the hard work pays off in appreciative listeners.

“I hear a lot of thank you’s, and ‘you have a great voice,’” Coral said. “That reassures me that I am on the right path. The main reason I am able to make this happen and get gigs is because the audience enjoys them.

“And I am always happy to take requests.”

To find out about hiring Coral Sky to perform, call her at 970-901-2626, or email her