REGIONAL-Nobody likes to imagine disaster striking close to home—or in the backcountry. Yet those who plan ahead and keep survival kits on hand face much better odds.

Here in Montrose, one online company specializes in providing high-quality survival solutions for those with a will to live. Wild Hedgehog: Tactical Survival Solutions is owned by Jonathan Barbera, who started the company at the beginning of 2015.

Wild Hedgehog officially launched at the start of this year in January, however our products have been in development for over two years,” Barbera said. “I started this company out of a desire to keep people safe while out on adventures. Being an outdoorsman myself, I found a lot of people on my outdoor adventures who were unprepared for even the smallest emergency.

”It baffled me that people were willing to spend thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest outdoor equipment, but did not even carry a medical kit containing items to treat real injuries,” he said. So Wild Hedgehog: Tactical Survival Solutions provides high quality products built around survival and emergency Medical Kits.

“Our kits give our customers the tools they need to survive if they are ever faced with an emergency situation when out on an adventure or doing their jobs,” Barbera said. “We also provide related articles and information on things like survival, fitness, emergency preparedness, hunting, firearms, and building a strong mindset.”

The company’s mission is to help people make it home alive to their families even after encountering a medical emergency or survival situation, he said.

“Our kits are used by professionals around the world in some of the harshest environments including Iraq, Somalia, and Kuwait,” he said. “There are also numerous SWAT members, Search & Rescue Teams, Outfitters, and Tactical Training Centers using kits or components that we sell.”

Outdoor enthusiasts also have become loyal customers, Barbera noted.  By being based online, the company is able to maintain a low overhead and affordable pricing, he said. “Organizations that switch to us as their medical/survival kit provider have saved hundreds.”

Though Wild Hedgehog is an online retailer, the company is local and has carried its message of empowerment to appreciative Montrose customers at venues like the 2015 Black Canyon Hunt & Outdoor Expo. And despite its youth, Wild Hedgehog is already growing.

“We have expanded into the Professional & Tactical markets,” Barbera said. “This includes hunting outfitters, law enforcement, the military, private contractors, tactical training centers, first responders, and search & rescue teams. We offer a 10 percent discount to all First Responders, law enforcement, military, veterans, and S&R Team Members.”

Email Wild Hedgehog at, or call 480.286.2343. Visit the web site at