By Caitlin Switzer

REGIONAL-Montrose welcomes 13 more primary jobs in the near future, with the upcoming relocation of Travel Recon, a company that employs experienced security professionals and military veterans to create travel analysis products and security services. The relocation of Travel Recon also represents a coordinated economic development effort between Montrose County and Montrose Economic Development Corporation (MEDC).

In a news release issued Aug. 24, Montrose County expressed its commitment to participating in tangible broadband projects to benefit the local economy. On Aug. 12th, the BOCC voted to award $22,500 funding to MEDC to be used for the acquisition of the required fiber optic infrastructure necessary for a new business in Montrose.

MEDC Executive Director Sandy Head noted that the positions created will be high tech jobs, and that the presence of Welcome Home Montrose and the Warrior Resource Center were key factors in the company’s decision to come to Montrose. Under the terms of the agreement with MEDC, Travel Recon will create 13 new full-time jobs by Dec. 31, 2016. The jobs will pay an average of $41,000 annually.

“MEDC is appreciative of Montrose County’s contribution toward our effort to bring Travel Recon to Montrose.” Head said. “Their long-range business plans are for more than 13 jobs and they will be bringing individuals from other areas to meet in Montrose several times a year. Beyond the economic impact to our community is the added bonus that Travel Recon will employ our veterans that have specific skill sets.

“Montrose County has been great to work with,” she added.

Travel Recon was founded by Green Beret Toby Houchens, who serves as Chief Executive Officer. Houchens wished to create a more comprehensive, credible and useful service for travelers seeking real information on threats that exist at the cities they travel to. According to the company’s web site, Travel Recon represents Houchens’ answer to a simple question: “why don’t civilian travelers have access to detailed and practical threat analyses and updates while planning for and enjoying travel?”

“This is an important step for Montrose County, demonstrating our commitment to developing broadband infrastructure in our community as well as attracting new technology-based businesses,” said BOCC Chairman David White. “Job creation is a key factor in the county’s citizen-driven strategic business plan and I am excited to see 13 additional well-paying jobs in Montrose.”

TravelRecon was accepted into the Telluride Venture Accelerator earlier this year.

“Telluride Venture Accelerator is thrilled to have one of its Accelerator graduates–Travel Recon—locate in the region,” Telluride Venture Accelerator Director Thea Chase said. “We appreciate the efforts of MEDC , Montrose County and the Montrose community and look forward to further collaboration to support high-growth technology firms.”