By Liesl Greathouse

MONTROSE-No matter what kind of exercise you do, movement is an important part of healthy living.  The local gyms around our area provide many great resources for people looking to take their exercise regimen to the next level.  But for some people, the idea of going to the gym can be nerve-wracking and so many never bother to pursue it.

That’s where personal trainer Brad Serazio steps in.  His business, The Traveling Gym, fills the middle ground for people who are interested in going to a gym, but are not sure if they are ready to try it out.

“A lot of people don’t feel comfortable going to a gym,” Brad explained.  “They feel embarrassed because they don’t know what to do or what to say.  I help them to not feel embarrassed, then they can go to the gym, because gyms have more to offer people than I ever can (including equipment, etc.).”

Brad has been working out since 1974 and has been in and out of many gyms over the years.  In 2014 he retired and earlier this year he studied to become a personal trainer.  He started his business in March, mostly because of his retirement.  “I’m retired and I did not want to work in a gym,” he said. “But I wanted to have something to do in my free time.”

Brad has equipment, including dumbbells, a chin up bar, rubber bands, and medicine balls, that he brings with him to clients.  He does a circuit program in preparing people to go to a gym, feel good about themselves, and experience what the gym is like.  “We work on core, balance and strength, all of them incorporated into the workouts,” he explained.  “We build on those three, and when they get to the point that they need more weights or machines, then they go to the gym.”

One of the unique features of his business is his pricing system.  He does not charge an hourly rate, instead letting people donate to his fund so he can buy new equipment, etc.  People can donate whatever they think he’s work is worth to them.  “Any gym will charge $40 an hour for a personal trainer,” he said.  “I tell people I don’t know what to charge them because I don’t know what they can afford.  [My goal] is for them to get to results, then go to the gym by themselves, knowing what they can do.”

Brad also uses his experience as a personal trainer to give back to the local community in different ways.  One way is when he goes to the Warrior Resource Center in Montrose on Mondays and Wednesdays.  His classes there are free for veterans and their families, and open to the public for a donation to the WRC.  “There is a group of about 1-10 people at a time there, and they love it,” he said.  “One person who is about 70 years old has gained strength, his balance is better and he is more active.”

Brad’s enjoyment of working out is something he hopes to spread to his clients.  “I have been working out so long and I enjoy working out,” he said.  “It’s addictive.  You strengthen your core, get stronger, and you will want to come back.  That’s what people need to learn.  Once you get to a certain point, you will want to go to the gym and work out.”

His ultimate goal for his business is to help people in any way that he can.  “I have lived a healthy, good life, I retired from a good job, and I want to give back to people,” Brad explained.  “It’s something I believe in.  People need to give back.  Whether it be to veterans and their families, or to a handicap man in a wheelchair, I help whomever I can help.”

For more information, call Brad at 275-2353.