By Caitlin Switzer

MONTROSE-Yes, Hypoxia (300 East Main St.) has a wealth of merchandise designed to appeal to anyone with an active lifestyle and a sense of fashion. But if the boutique’s marketing efforts were limited to just one word, that word might be Baggallini.

“I absolutely love them,” Hypoxia’s Kate Adams said of the popular line of handbags and travel cases. “They even come with RF ID theft blockers now, to keep identity thieves from scanning your cards or license. All straps are reinforced, so they can’t be slashed. There are lots of pockets!

“They look incredibly professional, but you can wear them casually.”

In addition to the lure of Baggallini, however, Hypoxia carries two sought-after clothing lines, Lucy and Kühl.

“Lucy is made by women, for women,” Adams said. “They make yoga pants that look like dress slacks—so versatile you can go to the gym and then out to dinner and still look professional. There are lots of fun colors, so you can mix and match with anything—these are wonderful clothes that will last without breaking your bank account.”

Kühl active wear for men and women is also very popular, with some pieces made of 100 percent organic cotton, Adams said, and some designed to dry within minutes of a workout.

“There are clothes for travel that can hang in the shower for a few minutes to steam wrinkles out,” she said.   “There are pants for men with articulation in the knee, so they move with you, and traveling shirts that are made with silver ion to be anti-microphobial. You can wash them in a hotel sink with hand soap, and they’re clean. There are also shirts with sun cells, and beer belly shirts that have a very slimming cut.”

Aventura Organics are also represented here, but Hypoxia is not just about attractive clothing and beautiful, well-made bag. The boutique carries plenty of sunglasses, Colorado made gear—and water bottles in every style, including unbreakable.

“I have never been so excited about a water bottle in my life!” Adams said. “These are made from recycled glass, and you can drop them on the concrete and they won’t shatter.”

In the end, Hypoxia is about high-quality merchandise designed for lasting beauty and comfort.

“When you buy something well-made from us, you are investing,” Adams said. “Nobody wants to buy something again and again. And if you shop online, you may not always happy be with the size or color. Besides, when I buy something new, I want to take it home and wear it right away.”

Hypoxia is located at the corner of Main and Townsend at 300 East Main Street. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and on Sundays in summer.