Special to the Mirror
MANITOU SPRINGS—Combine vividly- hued ceramics, brightly woven copper, and the friendship of two lifelong creators… and witness the birth of something far greater.
At Wired Two, a collaborative show tak- ing place at Commonwheel Artist’s Co-op in Manitou Springs from Oct. 19 through Nov. 10, two Montrose artists, two art forms, and the basic elements of copper and clay meld to bring something new and breathtaking to life.
Experience the magic of real-life alche- my, as longtime local artists Lynn Vogel and Bill Wilson bring their shared talents to an appreciative Front Range audience.
Wilson, a potter, and Vogel, a hand weaver, will attempt to answer the artistic question, “What if”–exploring what hap- pens when two skilled workers combine the elements of copper and clay with weaving, and copper embossing with pot- tery making.
Savor the answer for yourself in Manitou Springs, where traditional work becomes the work of art as these longtime creators use the energy and synergy embodied in each other’s work to forge an art form that is entirely new.

“We are inspired to collaborate, and our collaboration pushes us in directions that are fun, inspiring and more than we would be individually,” said Vogel, who began her career as a fiber artist almost 40 years ago, “What a thrill to be able to create unu- sual and intricate pieces that combine Bill’s wonderful, free-form pottery as in- spiration and form with my weaving and copper work to round out the pieces. Each object is unique, intertwining the potter’s hands with the weaver/copper artist’s hands to produce thrilling, imaginative works of art that inspire viewers just as they have excited and motivated us throughout the creative process.” A potter for more than 40 years, Wilson, like Vo- gel, has been aggressive in seeking new ways to implement form, glaze and design in his creations.

“To be able to work with Lynn is the treat of a lifetime,” Wilson said. “She brings a raw freshness to our work that leads me in so many new creative direc- tions. We have learned and are still learning how our work fits together, and what new ideas we can create. It feels like we have developed a new musical language, and are starting to come up with fresh notes and chords to share our songs with the world.”

Wired Two will take place at Common- wheel Artist’s Coop at 102 Cañon Ave- nue, Manitou Springs CO 80829. To learn more, call 719-685-1008, or visit www.commonwheel.com.