Special to the Mirror

MONTROSE–Have you ever really thought about trust and how its presence or lack thereof impacts our lives EVERY single day? Trust is the basis for a civil society. It is a necessary condition for em- ployee engagement.

Our society is built on the premise that there is a modicum of trust between peo- ple. So what happens when there is a lack of trust in our workplace?

What happens when customers don’t “trust” us and how do you built trust if there has been a breach?

The moment there is suspicion about a person’s motives, everything he does be- comes tainted. It takes a long time to rebuild relationships once trust is violated. That is why cheating of any kind is so harmful. If you work in an organization that has no trust between management and employees, what hap- pens?

Even when management understands the problem and does a great deal to restore trust, they make little headway. When rebuilding trust is so hard, the best thing to do is not lose it in the first place.

Join Sue Hansen for this presentation and trust that Sue will give you the straight scoop, at The Bridges of Montrose, 2500 Bridges Way, Montrose CO 81401 on Thursday, Oct. 18th 2012

Networking begins at 5:30 PM followed by Light Dinner and Program at 6 PM. Members – $20.00 / Future Members $30.00. RSVP – terri@wbacolorado.com by October 15th 2012. Please know we ask for 24 hour notice of cancellation. Note – We welcome guys to our educational events, heck we want them to succeed also!